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Bill Gross To Support Trump For President “If He Calms Down” And “Shows Some Stability”

In an interview on FOX Business Network’s (FBN) Intelligence Report with Trish Regan (weekdays, 2p-3p/ET), billionaire bond investor Bill Gross discusses Great Britain exiting the European Union (Brexit) and Republican presidential candidate Donald...

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Paul Krugman: 'Yes, Brexit Will Make Britain Poorer'

Paul Krugman is "less horrified" by the British voting to quit the European Union than he had expected, but things are still dire. In a blog post published Friday morning, the Nobel Prize-winning economist said leaving the single...

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George Soros, Crispin Odey Among Brexit's Big Winners

Not everyone is dismayed by the carnage on global financial markets following Britain’s decision: famed investor George Soros (who made big money betting against Britain once before) and hedge fund manager Crispin Odey could end up among the...

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John Rogers Buys DeVry, American Express

A rundown of guru's largest buys in the –st quarterCheck out John Rogers Stock Picks » Download GuruFolio Report of John Rogers (Updated on...

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Louis Navellier: Brexit Results Shock the Market

This article is published in collaboration with Scutify, where you can find real-time markets...

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Gross, Ivascyn See Flight To Havens In Historic Brexit Jolt

Investors should turn toward havens like bonds and away from stocks as markets sort through the repercussions of the U.K. referendum to exit the European Union, according to money managers Bill Gross and Dan Ivascyn. “Obviously safe-haven...

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Paul Krugman: Brexit: The Morning After

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"Worry about Britain": Brexit: The Morning After, by Paul Krugman, NYTimes: Well, that was pretty awesome – and I mean that in the worst way. ... That said, I’m finding myself less horrified by Brexit than one might have...

Risk Reward With Buffett and Phillips 66

The crown jewel of independent refiners is worth a lotCheck out Warren Buffett Stock Picks » Download GuruFolio Report of Warren Buffett (Updated on...

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El-Erian Says Brexit Good News Is That At Least It's Not Lehman

Allianz SE’s Mohamed El-Erian said the global financial system is better able to withstand the U.K.’s exit of the European Union than the collapse of major banks in 2008. “It can be a significant financial shock,” he said of...

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Treasury Yields Drop Most in 7 Years; El-Erian Sees Wild Trading

Taylor Hall, Brian Chappatta and Wes Goodman Treasuries surged, pushing benchmark yields down the most in seven years, as Britain’s vote to leave the European Union drove a...

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El-Erian looks at Brexit blindside

People on both sides of the Atlantic are diverging from the "political and business elites," Allianz Chief Economic Adviser Mohamed El-Erian...

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When Will Janet Yellen Start Thinking About The Hedge Funds?

Have a heart, Janet. Start a recession...

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Actually, That Gross, New Stomach-Draining Device Might Be Effective

In an attempt to gain new ground in the battle against obesity, the Food and Drug Administration recently approved a device, called the AspireAssist, that enables users to empty the contents of their stomach via a surgical-inserted tube following...

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India better placed to navigate volatility: Mohamed A El-Erian, Allianz

"In the next few days, I expect major overshoots by countries and companies with good...

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Cramer: The last diamond left in tech

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Jim Cramer outlines the companies in tech changing the business, including...

Twitter Inc (TWTR) The Last ‘Diamond’ Left To Grab

5.7 hours on

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) is the social media platform everyone seems to be talking about these days. Jim Cramer, who sees a lot of value in the micro-blogging firm, believes Wall Street is short-minded as it is missing the long-term picture. To prove his...

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BILL GROSS ON BREXIT: 'Populists storm The City's gates'

Janus Capital's bond guru Bill Gross has commented on the Brexit vote. As of 11:30 p.m. ET, the "Leave" vote has taken an unexpected lead and appears to be on track to win the night. Markets are going wild and the ramifications are...

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Whitney Tilson Betting $10,000 On A Hillary Clinton, And Wants To Raise That Number

Whitney Tilson just cannot stop talking about Trump and he has another email out on the subject  tonight – willing to bet a brave Donald Trump supporter that Hillary Clinton will be the winner. This actually is a good deal for Tilson since...

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Jim Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap: What's More Important Than 'Brexit?' Look West

Search Jim Cramer's "Mad Money" trading recommendations using our exclusive "Mad Money" Stock Screener. Britain's vote on whether or not to leave the European Union is not the only issue that matters, Jim...

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Milton Friedman at the Airport

While virtually everyone complains about air travels these days, I have always been at the forefront.  My wife, colleagues and friends sufficiently exasperated with my constant complaining that they ordered me to get off my duff and apply for Global...

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Dodd-Frank architect Barney Frank blasts decision to overturn MetLife SIFI status

The former House Financial Services committee chair criticized the ruling and said it could ultimately lead other institutions to try to overturn their SIFI...

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Dodd, Frank blast ruling that MetLife not too big to fail

(Reuters) - A federal court's striking down of the government's designation of insurer MetLife Inc as "too-big-to-fail" could undermine efforts to head off another financial crisis, authors of the landmark Dodd-Frank Wall Street...

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Derrick Rose's new Knicks number honors Ben Wilson and the undying legacy of basketball's fallen heroes

Swee' Pea. Hook Mitchell. Earl Manigault.  For the hardcore basketball-addicted among us, the names are as familiar as Jordan, Kareem and Magic.  SEE ALSO: Cliff Alexander and the NBA Draft heartbreak you never hear...

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Art Cashin Tries to Make Sense of Today’s Rally: ‘Someone Thinks They Know Something’

Torrential rains and lightning are targeting the homes of only BREXIT supporters, courtesy of the NWO. Art Cashin tries to get his head around today’s rally, beguiled by the boldness of the amount of money being spent on long bets ahead of a...

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Race, Money, Fame, Identity: How O.J. Simpson Defines America 20 Years Later

The most important thing happening on TV over the past two weeks has been the five-part ESPN documentary, O.J.: Made In America. As the network describes the film is, “the defining cultural tale of modern America—a saga of race,...

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'Inside Amy Schumer' gun sketch puts grim spin on lawyer TV ads

Her cousin, Sen. Chuck Schumer, may have spent the night supporting his colleagues on the floor of the House, and now Amy Schumer is also doing her part by highlighting the flawed legal system that makes it hard for gun violence victims to...

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HCAP Partners promotes Frank Mora to partner

HCAP Partners, formerly Huntington Capital, promoted Frank Mora to partner. Mora joined the firm in early 2013 and served on the investment committee for HCAP Partners III, L.P. Based in California, HCAP Partners finances companies located...

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Checking in On Broadway Bill Ackman’s Investments and Real Estate Ventures

His largest long bet. His biggest short bet. Still not good. In other news, due to Pershing Square’s massive success, they’re moving into new office space, a vast big complex built from scratch in hells kitchen (rather befitting, if...

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Preppy Fashion Icon Jamie Dimon Unveils New Vineyard Vines Boutique

That sound you hear is Brian Moynihan frantically calling Tommy...

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What Abigail Fisher’s Affirmative Action Case Was Really About

by Nikole Hannah-Jones Updated (Jun. 23, 2016): The Supreme Court has upheld the University of Texas’s consideration of race in admissions. The case had been brought by Abigail Fisher, who argued she...

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Fred Wilson Thrusts Another Unicorn at the Market; Twilio Surges in Debut

Frederick Wilson, connoisseur investor and regular Joe worth $500+ million about town, is quite pleased with his latest offering to the market, Twilio–ticker TWLO. In the past, Fred has worked feverishly to exit from some high profile unicorns,...

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News Analysis: On Capitol Hill, Yellen Finds Partisan Heat, Not Economic Light

Janet Yellen’s testimony before a House committee highlighted how real debate about the economy has been overshadowed by partisan...

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Cramer’s Impressed By Micron Upgrade, But a Certain Exodus Member Was First to Call Bottom

Anyone who’s a member of the hall of gentlemen, Exodus, knows Robert and his sublime calls on the semis. He called the top long before anyone else and he called the bottom in March, way before Cramer became impressed by some analyst finally...

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Jim Cramer -- Bed Bath Needs Someone Who Knows What Customers Want

Bed Bath & Beyond  shares are up over 2% Thursday despite the company missing on earnings per share and revenue expectations. Guidance was unimpressive and inventories were a little high, too, TheStreet's Jim Cramer, co-manager...

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Bill Gross just tweeted his Brexit take

Everyone is talking about Brexit — Thursday's vote on whether or not the UK will stay in the European Union. Naturally, legendary bond investor Bill Gross over at Janus Capital had to tweet his take. He's in the remain...

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23Jun/Janet L Yellen: Semiannual Monetary Policy Report to the Congress

Testimony by Ms Janet L Yellen, Chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, before the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, US Senate, Washington DC, 21 June...

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Buffett & Munger – A Study In Simplicity And Uncommon, Common Sense [Book Review]

A description of the book “All I Want To Know Is Where I’m Going To Die So I’ll Never Go There: Buffett & Munger – A Study in Simplicity and Uncommon, Common Sense” by Peter Bevelin All I Want To...

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Billionaire Wilbur Ross Is Against Brexit; Here Are His Fund’s Top 13F Holdings

Though the fears of a Brexit have subsidized a little bit in the last few days, most sophisticated  investors are still refraining placing any large bets till the UK electorate makes its final decision on June 23. One such investor, restructuring...

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Yellen Was Clueless, The Bremainers Are Winning & Tesla Imploded

"Pride of opinion has been responsible for the downfall of more men on Wall Street than any other factor." - Charles Dow My favorite lawn gnome, Janet Yellen, was asked today by some Congressional hack ....."Ms. Yellen, what is your...

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Cramer’s Solution to Stoke a New Bull Market: Merge All Companies

Jim Cramer rants and raves about government interference in oligarch designs for world dominance and monopoly. Aside from that, he then proposes the solution to all of our problems would be to merge all companies, left and right, stupid. He posits that...

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Jim Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap: We Need More Mergers Right Now

Search Jim Cramer's "Mad Money" trading recommendations using our exclusive "Mad Money" Stock Screener. There are way too many companies out there, Jim Cramer told his Mad Money viewers Wednesday. But while the...

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Cramer: What you don’t know on a Brexit

The UK’s possible exit from the European Union is much publicized, but Jim Cramer reveals one thing that might surprise...

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Cramer: Govt has turned against M&A

Jim Cramer says the government has caused too much supply in the...

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Elizabeth Banks was apparently 'too old' at 28 to play Mary Jane in 'Spider-Man'

Another day, another actress facing ageism of Hollywood.  Actress Elizabeth Banks sat down with Glamour, revealing she was deemed "too old" to play Mary Jane in the 2002 Spider-Man franchise, despite being...

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Warren Buffett Owns a Railroad; Should You?

With railroads trading at their cheapest levels in years, is now a good time to buy a railroad?Check out Warren Buffett Stock Picks » Download GuruFolio Report of Warren Buffett (Updated on...

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Rogers Corporation Looks Promising

Company seems solid after the –st-quarter resultsRelated Stocks:...

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Alternative Thinking on Hedge Fund Rankings, Bill Ackman’s Blues and Facebook Tyranny

Barron's has ranked the Top 100 hedge funds for 2016, and they make a point in the second headline to point out that Bill Ackman and David Einhorn won’t be receiving a plague this year. read more ...

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Skybridge Capital Hit Hard By Paulson Investment

Skybridge Capital, one of the highest profile and most respected hedge fund investors in the world, had difficulty lately, namely in investments in the Event Driven hedge funds, which to which it had been reducing exposure for the past six to eight...

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Warren Buffett Exited His Position in AT&T; Should You?

Why did he sell? How safe is the current dividend?Check out Warren Buffett Stock Picks » Download GuruFolio Report of Warren Buffett (Updated on...

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NY Fed may do 'enhanced monitoring' of SWIFT money transfers: Yellen

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Federal Reserve Bank of New York might begin taking closer looks at international money transfers using the SWIFT network, Fed Chair Janet Yellen said on Wednesday in response to questions over a recent theft by cyber...

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Richard Branson; Mindset Strength or Business Strategy?

How did Richard Branson do it? Or Chris Gardner, portrayed in the Pursuit of Happiness, for that matter? It is well known that mindset accounts for 80% of success whilst only 20% is based on strategy. So what does that mean for you? No matter whether...

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Fed's Yellen says no special meetings scheduled over Brexit

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said she has not scheduled special meetings for Friday or Saturday in order to respond to the "Brexit" vote in Britain over its membership in the European Union."Brexit is a risk...

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AT&T Inc.: No Longer Owned by Buffett, But the Dividend is Still Good (T)

InvestorPlaceInvestorPlace - Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading Tips Warren Buffett sold AT&T out of Berkshire Hathaway's portfolio, and perhaps investors should take notice. Consider this alternative investment The post...

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Cramer: Don’t bet against Adobe here

Adobe's stock performance following its latest guidance shouldn't discourage investors, CNBC's Jim Cramer...

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Jim Cramer -- Don't Bet Against Adobe

Shares of Adobe  fell more than 5% Wednesday despite the company's earnings per share beat and in-line revenue results. TheStreet's Jim Cramer said on CNBC's "Mad Dash" segment that Adobe's...

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George Soros is wrong about Brexit and the pound

Currency speculator George Soros believes Brexit would cause a fall in sterling that would damage the UK economy. That suggests he doesn’t know what’s good for Britain at all, says Bernard Connolly. The post George Soros is wrong about Brexit...

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Stocks, sterling inch up as Brexit vote looms, Yellen cools rate talk

The strength of the Japanese currency, often considered a safe haven asset, countered the broader increase in risk appetite across financial markets a day before Britain's EU...

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22Jun/Perry Warjiyo: Indonesian economic outlook this year and the years ahead.

Keynote speech by Mr Perry Warjiyo, Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia, at BNP Paribas Economic Outlook 2016, Jakarta, 23 March...

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South Korea stocks edge up after Yellen's comments, won steady

Offshore investors were poised to be net sellers, offloading 7.4 billion Korean won ($6.40 million) worth of KOSPI shares near...

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Wednesday: Existing Home Sales, Fed Chair Yellen

Wednesday:• At 7:00 AM ET, The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) will release the results for the mortgage purchase applications index.• At 9:00 AM, FHFA House Price Index for April 2016. This was originally a GSE only repeat sales, however...

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AT&T (T): No Longer Owned by Buffett, but the Dividend is Still Good

Warren Buffett sold AT&T out of Berkshire Hathaway’s portfolio of high-yield dividend stocks during the first quarter of 2016. Warren Buffett acquired his stake in AT&T during the third quarter of 2015 as a result of...

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Yellen unlikely to hike in July

This article is published in collaboration with Scutify, where you can find real-time markets...

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Cramer: Crucial company to watch

Jim Cramer won't worry about overblown Brexit fears. Instead, he's got his eye on this company with huge...

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How Janet Yellen Is Embracing The Fed's Role In Racial Justice

Oh, what a difference a year can make. Last July, Federal Reserve chairwoman Janet Yellen endured criticism for House testimony in which she seemed to imply that there was little the Fed could do to address the disproportionately high...

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Universal Basic Income, Job Killing Robots, and the Washington Post

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Risk off

At this point (midnight) the global economy has been hit by a negative monetary shock, one of the biggest in years.  Here’s what to watch tomorrow: 1. Does the crisis show signs of spreading to the PIIGS? 2.  What do the...   Read More >

Initial Guidance | 24 June 2016

The UK voted to leave the European Union, dealing a heavy blow to Europe’s 50-year effort to create a unified economic region and unleashing a hefty dose of economic uncertainty for Britain, Europe and perhaps the world economy in the months...   Read More >

Cramer: The last diamond left in tech

Jim Cramer outlines the companies in tech changing the business, including...   Read More >

FEDERAL RESERVE: We are 'carefully monitoring' markets right now

The Federal Reserve said it is paying close attention to global financial markets and will step in if it needs to, in a statement Friday.  Markets are selling off on Friday after Britain voted to leave the European Union...   Read More >

Brexit polling: What went wrong?

Commenter numeric writes: Since you were shilling for yougov the other day you might want to talk about their big miss on Brexit (off by 6% from their eve-of-election poll–remain up 2 on their last poll and leave up by 4 as of this posting). Fair...   Read More >

Paul Krugman: Brexit: The Morning After

"Worry about Britain": Brexit: The Morning After, by Paul Krugman, NYTimes: Well, that was pretty awesome – and I mean that in the worst way. ... That said, I’m finding myself less horrified by Brexit than one might have...   Read More >

Losing Weight: The Dangers of the Lemonade Diet

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